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$50,000 Grant
Extreme Kids & Crew

Extreme Kids & Crew cultivates welcoming and accessible spaces where children with disabilities and their crew can experience a supportive community through the arts, conversation, and play. It is the New York City community hub for young people with disabilities from diverse backgrounds.

A Message From GENESIS

At Genesis, we celebrate that creative force in each child that will catapult their lives. It is central to the mission of Genesis CSR, because Genesis is born of a balance. Between the part of us that marvels at stunning technological achievements, and the sector in every heart that longs for graceful simplicity and tranquility. That balance lives deep in the soul of our company.

Driven by the belief that inspiration is the greatest luxury a luxury car company can deliver.

And that as long as humans express their deepest aspirations in paint and steel and stone and the human form itself, there will be children witnessing that expression whose hearts and minds and destinies will be redefined and reimagined forever.

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