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Genesis Motor America Announces A $100,000 Grant To The Miami Music Project In Miami To Support Arts Education

Genesis Arts grants are presented by the Genesis Motor America Foundation to create education enrichment programs with partner organizations throughout the U.S.

MIAMI, Aug. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Genesis Motor America announces today it will award a grant in the amount of $100,000 to the Miami Music Project (MMP), in Miami, FL. Genesis, the luxury automobile brand, continues its commitment to create unparalleled experiences for its luxury owners and its passion to serve the community. Through the creation of its own non-profit, Genesis Motor America Foundation, the organization has created a series of education grants to support arts enrichment programs for high school and college-aged youth in the United States. An official check presentation to the Miami Music Project took place at 10:00 am on Friday, August 2nd at the W South Beach.

With this $100,000 grant, the Miami Music Project will expand its innovative music training and performance program in the Miami area, in partnership with local area schools, community musicians and children. Further, this two-year grant from the Genesis Motor America Foundation will help the Miami Music Project program provide hundreds of Miami area students access to free music classes.

“Genesis is committed to inspiring ingenuity and creativity in children,” says Erwin Raphael, COO, Genesis Motor America. “Our mission is to support programs that immerse students in various artistic experiences and enhance personal development beyond the classroom. We believe if you educate a child, you will change their life. But, if you inspire a child, you will change the world.”

The Miami Music Project uses music as an instrument for social transformation, empowering children to acquire values and achieve their full potential, positively affecting their society through the study and performance of music. MMP’s ensemble-based music education programming among at-risk youth cultivates a diverse array of mutually reinforcing talents and allows youth to thrive, even in these challenging environments. Students learn and develop the skills crucial for future success in life. Students understand they must use their talents and knowledge to help their peers grow, uplifting their community, preparing for a life as a leader and contributing member of society. MMP is helping at-risk youth rewrite their stories as they compose better lives for themselves and their families through music. Through various programs such as Children’s Orchestras, Summer Music Camp, Teaching Artist Training, and Enrichment Programming, the Miami Music Project creates new pathways and exposes children to opportunities that help develop academic, cognitive, and social skills needed for success in life.

“Knowing that Genesis supports arts education makes me proud. Partnerships between the non-profit and for-profit sectors bring communities and consumers together to build better futures for our children. Genesis is leading the way. The fact that 100% of the Miami Music Project’s graduates go to college or university is a testament of how profound the impact that music education has on children’s lives. This grant will afford us with the opportunity to open another program location to reach more under-resourced youth,” said Miami Music Project Executive Director Anna Klimala.

Genesis Motor America Foundation
The Genesis Motor America Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to supporting education through the arts. Genesis believes if you educate a child, you will change their life but, if you inspire a child, you will change the world. The GMAF is dedicated to funding arts programs that immerse a new generation in the world of inspiration. The Genesis Motor America Foundation celebrates the creative force in each child because it redefines the possible and fuels the destiny of our future.

For more information on Genesis Motor America CSR initiatives, please visit https://genesisinspirationfoundation.org.

Genesis Motor America 
Genesis Motor America, LLC is headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif. Genesis is a global luxury automotive brand that delivers the highest standards of performance, design and innovation. All Genesis vehicles sold in the U.S. are covered by an industry-leading warranty with enhanced roadside assistance and concierge services. Within the past year, Genesis has won highest-ranked brand in the automotive industry awards for quality and owner satisfaction from industry experts such as J.D. Power, AutoPacific, and Strategic Vision. The newest Genesis product, the G70 luxury sport sedan, has garnered broad acclaim being named the 2019 North American Car of the Year, the MotorTrend 2019 Car of the Year, as well as a category winner in the Car and Driver 2019 10Best awards, among more than a dozen others.

For more information on Genesis and its new definition of luxury, please visit www.genesis.com.

Please visit our media site for the latest news at www.genesisnewsusa.com.

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Miami Music Project
Miami Music Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses music as an instrument for social transformation, empowering children to acquire values and achieve their full potential, positively affecting their society through the study and performance of music. Miami Music Project’s vision is to create opportunity and access through music for those most in need, improve the quality of life for children today and ultimately transform their lives, the lives of their families, and their communities. Emerging as a model for music education programs nationally, Miami Music Project offers free of charge, after-school programming to all students with no barriers to entry, regardless of race or economic status. As of today, Miami Music Project has reached over 30,000 of children and youth across Miami-Dade County, becoming one of the largest socially transformative music initiatives in the US. Miami Music Project’s programming is inspired by the El Sistema phenomenon – a new model for social change and a visionary global movement that transforms the lives of children through music.

For more information on Miami Music Project, please visit http://miamimusicproject.org

SOURCE Genesis Motor America

A Message From GENESIS

At Genesis, we celebrate that creative force in each child that will catapult their lives. It is central to the mission of Genesis CSR, because Genesis is born of a balance. Between the part of us that marvels at stunning technological achievements, and the sector in every heart that longs for graceful simplicity and tranquility. That balance lives deep in the soul of our company.

Driven by the belief that inspiration is the greatest luxury a luxury car company can deliver.

And that as long as humans express their deepest aspirations in paint and steel and stone and the human form itself, there will be children witnessing that expression whose hearts and minds and destinies will be redefined and reimagined forever.

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