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The Real LIfe Inspiration for 6 Famous Paintings

The Real LIfe Inspiration for These 6 Famous Paintings

Artists are known to travel the world in search of inspiration. They have often captured beautiful vistas and bustling cities frozen for a moment in time. Looking at these paintings is like looking through a window into history. We can imagine what life was like during that particular time, who the people or subjects were and where they may be…

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The Steve Jobs of Arts Education

In every field or industry, there are important figures who bring a fresh and unique outlook, and forever change the landscape. Their point of view can often trigger an avalanche of changes and establish lasting legacies. These pioneers are the first to explore new ground and lay the foundation for something new for future generations. For example, Steve Jobs, co-founder…

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Fun Fall Art Project for the Family

People who are lucky enough to live in places with changing seasons look forward to watching the trees change color every year. This bright and beautiful transition in nature is often a source of inspiration for artists. The upcoming fall and winter holidays offer us some free time away from work and school to enjoy a bit of arts and…

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The Ultimate Guide to the Sitar

For those that enjoy listening to music, there is nothing more exciting than exploring and discovering new artists and sounds. This is just as true for professional musicians who are frequently inspired by music from different eras, genres and countries around the world. When the sitar made its way to the West, many popular artists instantly took to its particular…

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A Message From GENESIS

At Genesis, we celebrate that creative force in each child that will catapult their lives. It is central to the mission of Genesis CSR, because Genesis is born of a balance. Between the part of us that marvels at stunning technological achievements, and the sector in every heart that longs for graceful simplicity and tranquility. That balance lives deep in the soul of our company.

Driven by the belief that inspiration is the greatest luxury a luxury car company can deliver.

And that as long as humans express their deepest aspirations in paint and steel and stone and the human form itself, there will be children witnessing that expression whose hearts and minds and destinies will be redefined and reimagined forever.

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